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A surgeon's hands, a woman's touch. Beautiful Results A surgeon's hands, a woman's touch. Beautiful Results

Marisa Lawrence M.D., F.A.C.S.

Brazilian Butt Lift Atlanta

Patients desiring an enhanced buttock contour may be candidates for a procedure known as autologous adipose tissue harvest, known as the Brazilian Butt Lift. The Brazilian Butt Lift is performed by transferring fat from other areas to the body to the buttocks. The fat can removed by traditional liposuction and transferred to the upper gluteal region. The amount of fat grafted to the buttocks would be dependent on the amount of fat aspirated by liposuction. Fat can be liposuctioned and safely prepared for transfer using Revolve fat aspirator. Revolve has a closed system of washing and filtration, that safely and efficiently processes the fat. Studies have shown that 75% of fat injected into the buttocks remains at the 5-year mark.

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