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Breast Reduction Atlanta

Some women feel hindered by oversized breasts. As a woman, Atlanta plastic surgeon Dr. Marisa Lawrence is sensitive to the challenges that women with large breasts face: physical or emotional discomfort, embarrassment, and in some cases limited movement and exercise. She performs breast reduction surgery in Atlanta to reduce the size of large, heavy breasts. Breast reduction is a safe procedure that can significantly improve your quality of life if you are suffering physical or emotional pain due to your large breasts.

What Does Breast Reduction Accomplish?

Breast reduction surgery lightens the weight of heavy, pendulous breasts. Oversized breasts can cause neck, back and shoulder pain, lead to indentations on the shoulders from tight bra straps and make a woman feel self-conscious or embarrassed by her breasts.

Breast Reduction Surgery

Breast reduction is an outpatient procedure performed under general anesthesia. The most common approach to breast reduction involves three incisions: one incision made around the areola, another running vertically from the bottom edge of the areola to the crease underneath the breast and the third following the natural curve of the breast crease.

Through the incisions, Dr. Lawrence removes excess breast tissue, fat and skin. She repositions the nipple and areola higher on the breast, and in some cases reduces the size of the areola. When operating on a woman with extremely large breasts, Dr. Lawrence may need to detach the nipple and areola from the underlying breast tissue in order to shift it into a higher position. She then takes the skin that was formerly located above the nipple, brings it down and stitches it together to reshape the breast. If needed, Dr. Lawrence may perform liposuction underneath the arm. 

Once the breasts have been properly resized, the incisions are stitched together and the breasts are bandaged. Dr. Lawrence may recommend that you wear a surgical bra as your breasts heal from the procedure.

Breast Reduction Recovery

You will feel sore and swollen after surgery, and will have some bruising. It’s important to get as much rest as possible during your breast reduction recovery, and avoid strenuous activity or heavy lifting until Dr. Lawrence clears you. Light walking is encouraged to promote healthy circulation. Also, you should wear your support bra as long as you are advised to. Dr. Lawrence will provide more comprehensive breast reduction recovery instructions during your personal consultation with her.

Risks of Breast Reduction

Every surgery has some degree of risk, and breast reduction is no different. Potential breast reduction complications include bleeding, infection, anesthesia-related reactions, asymmetry and permanent loss of sensation in the nipples or breasts. However, breast reduction complications are very rare.

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If you have large, heavy breasts and are interested in possibly reducing their size with surgery, contact the office of Atlanta breast reduction surgeon Marisa Lawrence for more information. You can send us an email or call us at (404) 303-7004.

Dr. Lawrence also provides care for Atlanta breast augmentation, breast reconstruction, breast lift and male breast reduction patients.

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