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A surgeon's hands, a woman's touch. Beautiful Results A surgeon's hands, a woman's touch. Beautiful Results

Marisa Lawrence M.D., F.A.C.S.

Skin Care Products Atlanta

Dr. Lawrence, a leading Atlanta cosmetic surgeon has developed her own prescription-strength skin health systems focused on preventing and/or improving skin conditions including photodamage, hyperpigmentation (chloasma, melasma, freckles) acne vulgaris and rosacea.

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  • Uses 5% glycolic acid in a gel base to help remove oil and residues from the skin and prepare skin for other products.

Balance Chamomile Toner

  • Removes oil and debris from the skin’s surface.
  • Contains chamomile and comfrey to cool the skin, glycolic acid and witch hazel to tone and refresh the skin, and contains liposomal vitamins A, C, E, Co-Q10

Triple Antioxidant Defense

  • Your Skin’s Vitamin!.
  • Anti-inflammatory – Calming and cooling to the skin, ideal for Rosacea, sensitive skin & after surgical procedures
  • Caffeine enhances the antioxidant properties of the green tea & selective apoptosis.
  • Lightweight, fast absorbing, & contains the humectant hyaluronic acid to deliver enhanced moisturization to improve texture, tone, and overall skin appearance.
  • Your skin’s Vitamin!

Rejuvenating Retinol Serum /Pads

  • Green Tea Polyphenols, Retinol, Hyaluronic acid & Caffeine
  • Enhances the turnover rate of the skin. Fights acne and blemishes

Firming Duo

  • Advanced peptides for firmer, healthier skin.

Pigment Correction Pads

  • Recommended for all skin types treats hyperpigmentation & melasma
  • Pads combine the botanical skin tone evening ingredients of Kojic Acid, Arbutin, and Bearberry along with protective skin antioxidants to soothe the skin and help with redness

Sheer Antioxidant Moisturizer

  • Oil Free Daily Moisturizer contains a combination of glycerin, squalene and liposomal vitamins
  • Contains A, C, E, and Co-Q-10

Renewal Cream

  • Oil Free Daily Moisturizer contains a combination of glycerin, squalene and liposomal vitamins and 10% Ultra Pure Glycolic Acid.
  • Contains A, C, E, and Co-Q-10

Purifying Pads

  • Combination of 2% Salicylic and 5% Glycolic are used to promote exfoliation, and the sloughing of dead skin cells
  • Salicylic Acid helps reduce the number of acne blemishes, pimples, and blackheads and allows the skin to heal.

Calming Cream

  • Hydrocortisone and Aloe to reduce inflammation and soothe after laser therapy.

Green Tea Warming Exfoliating Scrub

  • This scrub is specially formulated to exfoliate the skin and deep clean the pores

Antioxidant Sunscreen SPF 30 (silver tube)

  • 7% micronized zinc as well as antioxidants (not sheer and not super hydrating)

Recovery Complex For Body-With Caffeine

  • Silky, fast absorbing, emollient body lotion
  • Selected penetrating lipids: Ceramides, Sterols, penetrate and repair the natural moisture barrier providing healing benefits while preventing moisture loss
  • Antioxidant enriched with the nourishment and protection of Green Tea Polyphenols, Caffeine, and Bisabolol
  • Contains humectants hyaluronic acid and Yucca to help replenish and restore moisture balance

Bright Eyes:

  • All Trans-Retinol to reduce fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Arnica and Vitamin K to reduce bruising and discoloration.
  • Powerful Green Tea Polyphenols to protect against free radical damage.

Vitamin C Serum:

  • Triple duty antioxidant formula to brighten complexion and support collagen


  • Hyaluronic acid serum that actually penetrates skin for intense moisture therapy

Dream Cream:

  • Phyto plant stem cell and ceramides to nourish skin and accelerate retinoid treatment

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